iPhone 13, Mini and Pro: Who the new iPhone is for

Orders for four iPhone 13 models have begun. We’ll tell you who to buy – and who can keep updates. At 2 p.m. on September 17, Apple is taking pre-orders for the newly introduced iPhone-13 model, official sales begin on September 24. As in previous years, the rush of customers was extraordinary. But is it worth buying the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max? Depends. We explain who is best served with a suitable device.

iPhone 13

Compared to last year, the jump is not big, especially with the two “simple” models. The new iPhones have more computing power – even if Apple avoids comparing how big the difference is. They also offer longer battery life (1.5 hours for the iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone Pro, 2.5 hours for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max) than their respective predecessors. In the Pro version, Apple also added a few shovels for the camera. All new iPhones take better photos in low light and can now shoot videos with a cinematic blur effect. With the Pro model, the improvements are even greater.

Not a must have for iPhone 12 owners

The most obvious tip: If you have an iPhone from last year and are satisfied, then you can save on purchases. Only those who urgently need additional endurance or longer gaming performance, regularly take photos in low light or use amazing video effects, receive a real plus. Everyone wouldn’t miss anything if they waited another year or so.

iPhone 11: it depends

It looks a little different from the iPhone 11 and its variants. After two years, the difference with the current model is quite noticeable. And it’s not just because the cameras have gotten so much better and the processors have gotten so much faster. For example, on the screen: While the relatively expensive iPhone 11 Pro is still the smallest model in the 11 series, it is now available with the iPhone 13 Mini. A smaller variant, but at the same time much cheaper. At the same time, the display size of the Pro model has been adjusted to the base model. And the Pro Max just got bigger. Also, since all models now rely on OLED technology, the Pro and Pro Max even have XDR screens, all devices have a much better picture.

Then there are many other changes. For example, the option introduced with the iPhone 12 for logging into 5G networks. The network is still under construction, but running faster than planned. A magnetic back and resulting options for wireless charging for example, have also been added.

It really depends on what you expect from your device. If you’re happy with the iPhone 11, you can easily take a year off. On the other hand, each iPhone 13 model should show a marked improvement in many ways.

Especially those who opted for the iPhone 11 Pro because of the smaller screen should opt for the slightly smaller iPhone 13 Mini. If you want the best graphics performance or you can’t do without triple zoom, you should go with the Pro model – and pay significantly more. Here it is important to weigh.

Best recommendation for old iPhone

From iPhone Xs and younger, the decision just got easier: If you’re not completely satisfied, you can think about a change with a clear conscience. Performance, camera and battery life have made so much progress that every new iPhone represents a real leap. If you’re coming from an iPhone with a home button, i.e. iPhone 8 and earlier, the steps are huge. Then there are really only two reasons not to switch. On the one hand there is a new look. If you don’t want to do without the home button and Touch ID fingerprint scanner, or if the iPhone 13 model’s display is too big, there’s no new device to choose from. The best device with a very small screen and home button is the iPhone SE, which Apple reissued last spring with iPhone 11 technology. The economy model is the last iPhone with a home button still available. If you have an older device, it’s a good idea to access it again before Apple completely removes this design.

If you can do without the home button, the slightly high price may discourage you from buying the new model. You won’t get an iPhone 13 model for less than $13. If you want a telescope lens or other pro features, you have to pay at least 19 million. For those who are frugal, it’s a good idea to look for a cheap predecessor model as an alternative to the new model.

The still-good iPhone 11 is available direct from Apple for $9 million, and sometimes even cheaper online. For around 10 million you can get the new iPhone 12 Mini, for 9 million more than the regular iPhone 12. However, it’s worth noting that while the iPhone 12 and older start with a storage capacity of 64GB, even the iPhone 13 is the smallest. have 128 GB. If you need more memory, the difference between the previous year’s model and the current one is only 1m.

It’s time Android users are willing to make the switch

Android smartphone owners will have to individually assess whether they want to switch to an iPhone. The new iPhone is definitely the best smartphone with Apple’s iOS system. However, only detailed tests can show whether they are better than, for example, Samsung’s top models . Especially since a foldable smartphone like the Galaxy Z Flip3 is available at the price of the iPhone 13 Pro model. But the purchase is definitely worth it for those switching from the older model.

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