15 Android Applications That Must Be On Your Smartphone

Smartphones are essential for many things in today’s world. Almost all activities require a smartphone connection or communication skills, or for work purposes. There are thousands of different apps that can be downloaded and used on Android smartphones, more than any other brand.

The best Android apps do different things, some increase productivity at work, others provide valuable information like the weather or the latest news. We will talk about all the existing apps for Android in this article:


Everyone needs to learn to get new forms of experience. Today, it is no longer necessary to take classes through the formal education system. Using an Android application called Udemy, you can get various forms of training and certification simply by registering and following the courses available on Udemy.

Glitch Lab

Only by using a smartphone, you can now edit your photography results. The Glitch Lab app gives you lots of options for tweaking your images, including more than 100 effects. This effect can make your pictures look different and attractive.


Only with Android phone now you can edit videos easily. The development of existing hardware allows this to happen. Initially, if you want to edit videos, you have to transfer the movies recorded on your phone to your computer. The KineMaster Android app lets you edit videos very easily without having to use a computer. You can add extra layers of audio and visual transitions, resulting in high-quality video.


Using Duolingo, you can easily learn a foreign language on your own. If you used to want to learn a language, you’ll need to register as a tutor or hire a private tutor. Language connects people together, and is an important link between people. The app offers many different languages ​​to learn, and each day will challenge you with practice questions to learn. The learning system is very interesting.

Adobe Lighroom CC

Lightroom CC is a professional photo editing application by Adobe. It allows you to edit photos professionally, and produce quality images that match your vision. Lightroom has preset options you can use, so you don’t have to change each setting individually.


On your Android phone, you can use the 1Weather app to find out what the weather will be like. You can’t always predict the weather, and that has ruined previous plans with heavy rains. This app has a nice look, and is easy to use. You can even add widgets to the home screen on your phone.

Google Drive

If you have a phone that has very little storage memory, the Google Drive app can help you. Use it to store your important photos and files in the sky. You’ll get 15GB of free storage for free accounts, or unpaid accounts. With Google Drive, you can transfer files and photos between devices very easily.

LastPass Password Manager

The LastPass Password Manager app can help you manage all your passwords, both from apps and websites. Remembering all your passwords is very important, because if you forget them, you don’t have to worry about changing them all. This app can also help you create new passwords with a secure password generator that will be difficult to crack.

True Caller

The True Caller app allows you to identify callers, so if they call with a promotional offer or cash loan, you know not to answer the call. You can also use the app to find the identity of the fraudster, so you can avoid them.


The Shazam app is a great tool for figuring out the name of the song currently playing on the radio, and even shows the lyrics so you can sing along. It works by recording a portion of the song currently playing on the radio, and then quickly searching for the title of the song. If he knows the title of the song, he will display it on your phone screen.

MX Player

If you’re traveling and don’t have an internet connection, it’s difficult to use a movie streaming service. The Android MX Player app can be used to play high-quality movies with bluray on your phone, making it easy to watch movies offline. You can also see the subtitles on the screen clearly, making this app great for watching movies offline.

Star Walk 2

There’s an app for Android smartphones called Star Walk 2 that lets you see the stars and the night sky in vivid detail. You can see the constellations and even the outer sky through your phone, without having to open your binoculars. Star Walk 2 can show you all the details of stars and constellations, and even imaginary lines between them.


Tidal is an app that provides lossless high-quality audio and music streaming. This app is very popular among consumers who want to listen to high-quality music without having to store it on their phone. Tidal lets users share the music they’re listening to on Instagram so other users can listen to the same song.


Netflix is ​​a popular Android app that lets you stream movies online from your phone. With a monthly subscription, you can watch various movies on your phone, relieve stress and fatigue.

Disney+ Hotstar

There are many ways to keep your kids entertained at home: take them to a movie, show interesting videos on your smartphone via the Disney+ Hotstar app, or let them watch safe and friendly TV shows. If you love Marvel movies, Disney+ Hotstar can have it for you.

Make sure your smartphone has enough memory storage before downloading the recommended apps for 2022 on your phone. These are the 15 apps that will be the best in 2022, and you can try downloading all of them to your phone.

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