10 Best Laptop Recommendations for Students

The government has created a system called school from home (SFH), which means that the need for laptops in schools has increased dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Parents are required to provide good learning facilities at home, one of which is a laptop computer.

When a student asks for a laptop that has more features than they need, it can be difficult to choose one. You have to be smart about it, and ask him to talk about it. There are a lot of great laptops out there right now, that would be the best choice.

There are many laptop brands, including HP, Acer, ASUS, and others. When choosing a laptop, there are a few things to consider, and we’ll share some tips for doing so. Also, please have a look at the list of the top ten products from these and other brands.

10 Best Laptop Recommendations for Students.

Next, we’ll recommend ten of the best laptop products for students, based on our picks above. These products are carefully selected taking into account product quality, buyer reviews and seller trustworthiness. Our products are sorted by market popularity

Acer Aspire 3 Slim

The Acer Aspire 3 Slim series proves the brand’s reputation as a laptop maker. This laptop has a minimalist, comfortable design, and a 14-inch screen. The Acer Aspire 3 Slim looks simple, but it already has an AMD Ryzen 3 processor inside. This processor is great for students who will be working in the media field, and can work well with 4 GB of RAM.

Xiaomi MI Laptop Air

Making almost all the products we need, Xiaomi apparently also launched a lightweight laptop. The advantages of this laptop are very sturdy thanks to the metal material that covers the entire body. In addition, the screen protector is also very sophisticated, so this laptop is guaranteed to be scratch-resistant. Equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor by default, this notebook is ideal for multimedia vocational high school students.

Zyrec SKY 232 2021

Zyrex is an original Indonesian brand that has been around since 1996. This time, the Zyrex Sky 232 2021 series laptop is here to provide sufficient facilities to students, especially elementary school students. Interestingly, the internal storage system can be upgraded. So, if your child needs larger storage media later, this laptop is the right choice.

Weighing under 1.5kg, this 14-inch laptop is not too heavy for your child to carry. In addition, although the price is fairly economical, the design is very modern. The processor installed is an Intel Celeron with 4 GB of RAM, enough for school work.

HP Laptop 14s-cf2501 TX

In particular, HP has classified its laptop products for different levels of students. For example, this 14s-cf2501TX series laptop is designed for high school students. This is because the laptop’s capacity can support more enjoyable learning activities.

Equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor, this HP laptop is perfect for running any software, including programming. You also don’t have to worry about your child’s work being disturbed, because the battery can last up to 14 hours. This product is worth choosing to accompany studying throughout the day

Lenovo Thinkbook 14 IIL

The ThinkBook series from Lenovo offers a different experience for its users. This laptop comes with the business-class security system used in the previous ThinkPad series, which is one of its main advantages.

This laptop is perfect for high school students to college students due to its slim, minimalist design and dual hard drive system that allows you to study smart and efficiently.

Dell Inspiron 3505

The Dell Inspiron 3505 series laptop is known for its beautiful design. This laptop has a thin form with a screen size of 14 inches. This monitor also has AMD Radeon Graphics which helps graphics look better.

The Dell Inspiron 3505 is a great laptop for students who need high-tech equipment, because of its productivity-enhancing specifications.

ASUS Chromebook Flip

The ASUS Chromebook Flip is water-safe thanks to the military standard MIL-STD-810G, and can be folded 360 degrees. Thus learning activities can be more dynamic and easier.

This laptop is great for elementary school students who explore a lot, and can be purchased for a reasonable price. It features four rubber guards at the corners to prevent the laptop from crashing, and there are two cameras with different locations. One camera is located on the display lid, and the other on the keyboard deck.

Infinix INBook X1

The Infinix brand does not want to be half-hearted in creating its products, especially now that there have been many new line additions, including laptops such as the INBook X1.

This laptop series is made of lightweight aluminum, and is easy to carry around. The INBook X1 has a battery life of 13 hours, and can be opened up to 180 degrees. This book is great for studying, and even more fun because the screen can be opened so wide

Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i

The IdeaPad 3i is a great laptop for high school or elementary school students. Lenovo is always coming up with new ideas for their IdeaPad series, and this laptop is no exception.

It has a lightweight, slim design and a 14-inch screen size. An Intel Celeron N4020 processor is built into the Chromebook, and the different solid color options are blue, black, and gray. Additional features on Chromebooks should not be overlooked!

Huawei MateBook D14

The MateBook D14 is perfect for students, according to Huawei. This laptop can be upgraded from an Intel Core i3 processor, and it is very thin and can be opened up to 180 degrees. Huawei is always bringing out new innovations, and this laptop is another example.

The camera is hidden inside one of the keyboards, so only you can access it. The power button has a fingerprint sensor, so the laptop can be turned on with a touch. Together, these features guarantee your privacy and better protect you from potential security issues.

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