10 Best Health Apps That You Must Install

Who doesn’t want to live healthy? Everyone wants to live healthy. In healthy living, we can perform daily tasks and improve our quality of life. Therefore, health is one thing that you should pay attention to.

With the development of the times, various tools to monitor health are clearly more mature. You may find one of them on a smartphone device. There are several health applications that have a good impact on their users. With the help of the Home Health app, you can get a lot of useful body tips and information.

There are many health support apps that you may have access to and are very useful for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. In some health apps, there may be interesting features such as tips, forums, the ability to chat with experts

Can you live a healthy life without the help of gadgets? of course. But why not take advantage of the extra help that is easy to access and use. These ten apps can help you track and improve your personal health.

Couch To 5K

This app is great for those who don’t like running but want to get started. Couch To 5K will help you develop an additional 9-week training program to prepare you for greater distances: 5K.

The phases of the program are flexible, and you can alternate between a leisurely walk and a jog before moving on to a more calorie-burning exercise. Exercise doesn’t take much time (20-30 minutes, only 3 times a week), gives you a day or two of rest before starting again, or even longer.

To help increase motivation, the app offers virtual training features, track results tables, and a built-in music player where you can make friends while you run.


Five minutes of practice is better than nothing, that’s the principle Sworkit is trying to instill. This app has 160 physical exercises demonstrated by a professional personal trainer. You can start training based on the body part you want to shape and choose a workout duration that can be adjusted to your daily schedule. With Sworkit, there’s no longer an excuse to skip a workout because there’s no time.

This app is paid, but you can download the free version. The difference is that the paid version offers more workout types, helps you design and modify workout types to your liking, and keeps a log of your workouts.


Zipongo helps you maintain healthy eating habits by designing weekly meal plans and offering a variety of healthy recipes tailored to your needs and allergic tendencies.

Zipongo was designed by Boston Medical Center doctors in collaboration with Fitness Forward to make eating and living a healthy diet easier and more affordable.

Lumosity Mobile

Lumosity is an app designed by neuroscientists to improve your cognitive abilities. Lumosity uses lots of simple but challenging games to train every part of your brain. Plus, you can modify the difficulty level and track your brain development history while playing Lumosity.


Drugs.com provides complete and reliable information about drugs.

You can list the medications you are currently taking and receive medical information about them. The search function allows you to track down any of the many drugs listed on the drug.com database. You can also identify drugs you are not familiar with by listing the type, shape, or color of the drug.


Breathe2Relax is an application specially designed for stress management. This app allows users to perform breathing exercises to reduce stress, stabilize emotions, manage anger, and manage anxiety.

The app can be used independently, as a solution to everyday stress, or in conjunction with a doctor’s care.

SAM: Self Help For Anxiety Management

SAM is an application designed to help users manage anxiety. Users can enter a record of their anxiety level and identify different triggers. The app includes 25 self-help options to help users adjust to signs and symptoms of physical and mental anxiety. SAM users can modify their profiles and allow them to share stories anonymously with other SAM users.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

Noom’s Healthy Weight Program combines a pedometer and a nutrition coach in one app. Noom has a food and exercise list that you can modify to fit your daily routine, while keeping track of your daily travel history.

Not only that, Noom will also send articles about health and healthy recipes to keep you focused. The food lists in the Noom database are differentiated by color, teaching users which foods are healthy and which are mandatory and which are unhealthy.


Calm offers a 7 day program designed to help you sleep better. This app targets various aspects of sleep that can be improved by meditation. The “Calm” feature in this apss focuses on positive thinking and meditative postures, while the “Sleep” feature is designed for those who need help calming down.

Quiet also offers relaxing music and pictures of beautiful scenery. The timer function will wake you up with an alarm that won’t scare you.

Google Fit

Now you can monitor your body’s progress without manual recording. The Google Fit app comes in the form of digital recordings of fitness activities. You can even get real-time stats while exercising.

Google Fit can track 104 types of activities, such as gymnastics, swimming, jogging, and more. This application can also check blood pressure, you know! The downside is that the app size is rather large, so you’ll need the right tools to install Google Fit.

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